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Throughout my extensive career, I've had the opportunity to work on several Enterprise Applications for clients of the calibre of Xerox, Hilton Hotels and Aviva. With these opportunities, I have gained a broad knowledge of several industries and how both their internal and customer-facing applications impact the bottom line.

In being a natural mentor, I enjoy sharing all I've learned with both the end customers and software development companies. My consultancy services are one of a few ways I can help your team in ensuring a successful software project delivery. My approach and involvement vary depending on your current project and team requirements. However, in all cases, the process is transparent and very inclusive.

I provide the most value in the following areas:

  • Discussing and planning of suitable patterns for enterprise-scale application development. Such as Event Sourcing architectures.
  • Migration of Legacy Systems including all their external and internal integrations.
  • Distributed, always available systems including IoT integrations and Edge applications.