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Full-stack development

Some projects are simply too small to get allocated more than one developer. However, small projects are not necessarily trivial and most of the time can hugely benefit from having an experienced software engineer to deliver them.

The most obvious benefit is cost. Inexperience is expensive. I am very organised and prove to be very efficient through my ever-improving workflows. I automate as much as possible and use test-driven development to eliminate bugs from the start.

As a full-stack developer I can work by myself and with your team on new ideas and established projects. I bring value to the project when working with all or a specific pieces of the tech-stack.

Laravel Development

From complex business logic implementing model patterns such as Domain Driven Design and Event Sourcing to more simple APIs using REST and GraphQL, I can help you on new and current projects.

I've been using Laravel as the application framework of choice since 2014, and I have worked on a multitude of projects with varying levels of complexity.

VueJS Development

VueJS and especially Vue3 is my go to front-end framework for API driven administration user interfaces. I started using Vue as a UI framework in 2015 and have never stopped 😀

NuxtJS Development

I choose NuxtJS for all interfaces requiring Server Side Rendering (SSR) and I'm also experimenting with using it for Static Site Generation (SSG). NuxtJS is optimal for front-ends that either require secure communication with third-party system or ones which require SEO.