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Project and Team Lead

Whether you need a leader to manage your team for a specific project or during a change management strategy implementation, I motivate and inspire all team members, through my hands-on approach to mentoring.

I have experience in leading small software development teams of between two and eight members. My approach is fairly simple and definitely rewarding to all stakeholders. We will start by establishing clear goals and define ways to monitor our achievements.

I believe it is very important for every developer and engineer to be given a voice and to be allowed to work the way that they feel most comfortable in.

I provide the best value as a leader in the following types of projects:

  • Incremental migration of legacy enterprise system.
  • Development of new extensible applications requiring one or more patterns of enterprise architectures.
  • Upgrades of initial PoC or MVP releases to the first full release.

By leading your team, the organisation will also benefit from adopting adequate Agile methodologies, Continuous integration, deployments and delivery. A culture that values open communication and collaboration.

To date, I have led remote teams for clients of the calibre of Xerox and Hilton Hotels. It will be my pleasure to discuss how I can help you and your team.